Instant transportation for second-hands and bulky waste

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Transport your bulky waste to recycling centers or helps you with quick furniture transportation.

You set your own price in the app without waiting for an offer.

Say goodbye to traffic, parking, and rental. 👋

Mooova, the “first mile” for second-hands and bulky waste, makes your life easier! It's an Instant Marketplace for instant urban transportation and connects people with surplus transportation.


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📸 Take a photo, set your own price, post it. When the price is reasonable, you can choose a mooover within a few minutes. That's all!

The app has a recommended price, but you decide how much you want to pay. Get help first and pay later! 👍👍

Moving companies, transportation companies, or regular people with vehicles in the Mooova community help you with door-to-door transportation, disposal, or quick removal of bulky waste.

Full transparency in real-time with positioning on map. You don't have to rent car or trailer, no need to carry heavy things. Enjoy your life with less hassle, more time for your loved ones. 💖


Why do people love to use Mooova?

"The best service and app, especially if you live in the city." - Sophia H.

"Easy, fast and guaranteed cheap!" - Susanna G.

"Super easy to use and you are guaranteed to find your suitable offer. Clear recommendation."

 - Maximilian S.

"Perfect if you ever need to have furniture transported from eBay or Ebay Classifieds."

 - Amanda M.

"My stuff was picked up a few hours later the same day. So convenient!" - Marie H.

"Furniture transport can be very expensive in Munich. Good thing there's Mooova."
 - Anna S.

"Works great and is highly recommended!" - Thomas K.

"Fast, efficient, perfect for getting large items home." - Katarina H.

"Use it very often and recommend it to everyone I know!" - Clara K.


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Know more about Mooova

We are the “first mile” for second-hands and bulky waste.

Mooova was born to transport second-hand furniture, it's a Instant Marketplace for instant urban transportation, connects people with surplus transportation in Sweden, Germany, and Finland.

Mooova has partnered up with like-minded companies to create larger value and generate greater impact together. We’re always looking for new ways to apply our service, grow towards a sustainable future.

Want to become our next partner? Get in touch.

87% of people wanted to buy second-hand furniture, but they bought a new one instead, only because it’s a hassle getting it home. Especially the young generation that does not own a car or doesn’t want to rent a van for this kind of short transportation. Mooova makes it much easier to buy second-hand furniture by fixing the quick and affordable transportation.

Second-hand furniture is one of the biggest sections within the second-hand market, and it’s having the biggest impact journey from production, supply chain, and to consumers. Each transaction can extend the life of that second-hand furniture by 1-2 years, generating a huge impact back to the climate.

Mooova not only helps with transportation but also reduces the amount of furniture that ended in recycling centers, which is one of the biggest problems with recycling centers in general. See the photo of our meeting with återvinningscentral attached.

We make changes together with you​

At Mooova, we care so much about the environment, society, and the planet. We believe that you shouldn't have to own a car to fully enjoy your life in the city. We connect all the surplus capacity for you, we create a smarter city together. ​

Promote Circular Economy

87% of people said, they wanted to buy a second-hand product/furniture, but end up buying a new one, only because it's a hassle to get it home.

Now, we fixed this. 0 hassle of getting your sofa into your living room, with the help of the lovely Mooova community.

By giving second-hand furniture a longer life, you neutralize your own CO2 emissions.

We want to contribute to the circular economy, encourage people to make second-hand their first choice, by fixing the hassle of getting things home, and provide lasting positive impacts on the circular economy

Reduce unnecessary kilometers

We're reducing unnecessary trips in the city with our smart routing with all the start and endpoints. Aiming for carbon neutral with our solutions. Single ride instead of back and forth rides of getting something.

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