Instant transportation for second-hands and bulky waste

Mooova, helping the world transport second-hand instantly. 👋

87% of people wanted to buy second-hand furniture, but they bought a new one instead, only because it's a hassle getting it home.

Mooova was born to transport second-hand furniture, it's like a marketplace/platform for instant urban transportation, and connects people with surplus transportation capacities within seconds.

Mooova makes buying second-hand easier than ever. ⚡

You put the price in the app without having to wait for an offer or price war with anyone. 🚴‍♀ 🏂 🛻

Our vision is to be the top-of-mind solution when transporting things, as easy as snapping a photo. People exchange time and resources, help each other in the same city. ❤️

Say goodbye to traffic, parking, and rental. 👋


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How does it work?

No car? No time? Or no extra hands? Sending or getting anything, big or small. No need to ask help from your friends again.

We (Mooova community) help you to pick up the second hand items within an hour (e.g. Blocket, Tradera, Finn, eBay or Facebook Marketplace). Instead of you picking it up yourself, someone from Mooova community will drive to the seller, pick it up and transport or deliver to your door. 🖥 🧰 🛏 🪑 🎈 🎁 📦

1. 📸 Take a photo, post your needed help, set your own price!

2. 👌 After 1-2 minutes, choose a mooover from the community. That's all!

There is a good recommended price in the app, but you decide how much you want to pay. Get help first and pay later! 👍👍

Enjoy your life with less hassle, more time for your loved ones. 💖


Mooova is for everyone!

Please be proud to engage. 😊😊😊

Mooova is an impact tech platform, a community, an ecosystem, a marketplace.

Approved, professional, companies and registered couriers can be mooovers on the platform, with a bike, scooter, or car, to help each other, bring or carry something on the way. 👩 🧑‍🦱 🧑‍🦰 🧔 👳

It’s a platform for companies or people exchanging time and different resources. We are connecting the surplus logistic capacity in the city to people who need it. For example, people that have the time and capacity, or moving companies have more time in the middle of the month, or fruit delivery companies have more time in the afternoon. 🏅🏅🏅

Everyone in the neighborhood can ask others in the Mooova community to fetch something quickly. Or send your stuff to anyone: your sweetheart, your friends, your customers... Let us be your all-in-one solution. 🍻


Get the app now, save some time and money.

Our values

At Mooova, we care so much about the environment, society, and the planet.  We believe that you shouldn't have to own a car to fully enjoy your life in the city. We connect all the surplus capacity for you, we can create a smarter city together.

Car-free Lifestyle

In everyone's life, there are always more or less busy times, sometimes you don't have a car, and sometimes you just need some extra hands. What if there is someone can easily come and help you?

Promote Circular Economy

87% of people said, they wanted to buy a second-hand product/furniture, but end up buying a new one, only because it's a hassle to get it home. Now, we are fixing this. 0 hassle of getting your second-hand sofa into your living room, with the help of the lovely Mooova community.

Reduce unnecessary kilometers

We're reducing unnecessary trips in the city with our smart routing with all the start and endpoints. Aiming for carbon neutral with our solutions. Single ride instead of back and forth rides of getting something. Someone going to IKEA this weekend and fetch something for you on the way back, right?

We are a community, at the same time we want to highlight how easy it’s to get help from each other to transport things. Transporting things should be as easy as taking a photo, even with heavy things.

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We simply just want a better planet,
less CO2, and a smarter city

- We are impact tech -

We’re supporting your car-free lifestyle, fixing the transportation of your things. Aiming to be carbon neutral.

People wanted to buy used products but ended up buying new, only because it’s a hassle to get them home.

Sometimes, it’s insufficient to go back and forth to get something.

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Together with micromobility, we reduce nearly 50% of vehicle trips
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Recircle economy, reduced the hassle of getting second-hand items home
0 tons
Take Stockholm for example, we can reduce 884 tons of CO2 per year!

Give away before recycling

There are more than 1000 tons of furniture went to the recycling centers each year, and quite many of them are not necessary to arrive here. Someone else could have used them longer.

Do not throw away your old furniture! Give them a new home instead and many will be happy. Not least the environment.

To increase the reuse rate, we have a "give away" feature in the app. People can give away things for free to others, extending the usage lifetime.

If in the end, no one wants it, we help with your bulky waste and get it to the recycling centers. 👍


Sit back and relax!


Fyfan vad smidigt!

Bra och enkel app, perfekt för att skicka eller hämta begagnade saker.




Hej denna appen är lätt den bästa appen i Sverige du kommer att älska den om du inte redan har den men ladda ner den och se.



Must try!

Best app ever! Saved me lots of time and the Mooover was super friendly!


The top solution when transporting things, as easy as snapping a photo. 🚀

Must try the app yourself!

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