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Mooover info

Dear colleague, some business hit hard due to covid-19, and we are here to help you.

78%-90% of the listed price!

Mooova is a community, an ecosystem, a marketplace, everyone can join. We connect surplus logistics in the city to people, we help each other, especially the ones with no car, or no time.

Everyone can join with bike, scooter, or car, to help each other, bring or carry something on the way. 👩 🧑‍🦱 🧑‍🦰 🧔 👳

We have been working to find solutions that can increase your revenue through our app.

Your take rate is based on how you contribute to the platform and the eco-system and community, up to 90%!

Apply now, the approval could take 1-3 days, so register as soon as you can, don't wait until another day.

Once the application approved, you will see the green status on the application page.

On your own schedule

You decide when and where you want to work, and it doesn't matter if you have Bike / Moped / Scooter/ Motorcycle / Car / Van / Truck.

You decide which orders

You will get a push notification on new orders, and if you are fine with the price, size, and time, then you can apply for the order. Make sure you can do it with your capacity at the selected time!!!

We care about you

We will not suddenly increase the cut rate, we care about you, because you are our hero that supporting the whole eco-system and community. We will help you on most of the common issues.


Swedish ID or Local ID Bike / Moped / Scooter/ Motorcycle / Car / Van / Truck Personal insurance Car Insurance Transportation Liability Insurance Company VAT number Yrkestrafiktillstånd

How it works

1, Pick the orders that you're willing to take, make sure you can do it with your capacity at the selected time!!! Very important!!

2, Take a photo of the item when pick up, and take another photo when drop off. (When possible, please help to carry into the room)

3, That's it! After the assignment is completed, money automatically transfered to your account in 7 days (most of the case). Some banks or some times it will take a bit longer.

4, Please remember, everyone has only once chance to make things right, because we need to grow users and the community, we cannot afford to fail with unhappy users/members. So some mooovers will be removed from the platform.


Invite your friends

Invite other drivers or riders, who are service minded, once they are onboard as Mooover and start taking orders, you will receive 100 SEK per driver. There is a card in the profile tab, tab "Share" to send the link or share your QR code. Money reward automatically.

Brand your car +5%

Contact us to brand your car, we will put up some advertising poster on your car, and then your personal take rate will be +5% more than the all the other regular mooovers.

Marketing Package

You get free caps and other materials from us, to protect your safety, keep you warm, and keep you happy. 🙂 Sometimes we distribute things at our office.

Business mooover

If you are a company, please upgrade to Business account with your VAT number and also yrkestrafiktillstånd, so you can take assignments from company users with higher values.

Video Tutorials

Some video tutorials might coming in the future.

Live Support


Skatteregler / Tax rules

Skatteregler på svenska

Som utförare av uppdrag (Mooover) via Mooova (plattformen) måste du ta ansvar för att skatter och avgifter är rätt.

När du väl har hjälpt en privatperson eller ett företag är det du som måste se till att du hanterar din egen skattedeklaration.

Som utövare av uppdrag (Mooover) via Mooova måste du redovisa alla dina inkomster som du fått.

Om du vill hjälpa ett företag eller ta affärsuppdrag måste du uppgradera ditt konto till företagskonto med företagets momsnummer och yrkestrafiktillstånd.

Här är lite information om hur du gör skattedeklarationen:

Rapportera alltid inkomsten i din årliga inkomstdeklaration (formulär T1).

Läs mer her.

Tax rules in English

Tax rules – Sweden (English)
As a performer of assignments (Mooover) via Mooova (the platform) you must take responsibility for taxes and fees to be right.

Once you have helped a private person or a company, it is you who must ensure that you handle your own tax declaration.

As a performer of assignments (Mooover) via Mooova, you must declare all your income that you received.

If you would like to help a company, or take business assignments, you need to upgrade your account to company account, with company VAT number and yrkestrafiktillstånd.

Here are some information on how to do the tax declaration:

Always report the income in your annual income tax return (form T1).

Read more here.

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