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Join Mooova, and start taking assignments!

Hey there, buddy! 🎉  Want to be part of an awesome squad called Mooova?

Mooova is a free platform that connects individuals and businesses who need something done (e.g. furniture transportation, moving, disposal, garden cleaning, and small repair) with verified buddies who are willing to help. 

We’re a super cool group of people who help each other, improve your efficiency with tech and increase your total revenue. Whether you’ve got a car, van, or scooter, you can join the fun!

With your own car or company, you can make some extra cash by helping others with their furniture or taking bulky stuff to the recycling centers.

So, whatcha waiting for? Join the Mooova family and let’s get moving! 🚲 🛵 🚗 Become mooover in the app!

After you become a mooover, welcome to join our community on Discord – https://discord.gg/ug3XgDyG

Yes! You take 90% of the listed price!​

We are working daily to improve the platform to increase your revenue and save your operational cost through the technology.

Your take rate is based on how you contribute to the platform, the ecosystem, and the community, up to 90%! 

Apply in the app, we perform a background check. You would need National ID, van or truck (bike, motorcycle, car), personal insurance, vehicle insurance, transportation liability insurance, company VAT number, and Permits if you have. The approval could take 1-3 days. Once the application is approved, you will see a green status on the application page in the Mooova app.

On your own schedule

Set your own schedule and take on assignments when you have time. We make no demands on how many missions you must achieve.

You pick the assignments

Get notified about new tasks. You get to choose the jobs you’re most interested in. Just make sure you’ve got the space and time.

Assignments near you

Don’t waste time driving, create routines that work perfectly with the daily work. You will love the convenience and ease of Mooova Technology!

Maximize your revenues

Boosting your income with technology. Increase your order volume and lower your operational cost, more money in your pocket in the end!

To get paid automatically

Hey, guess what? Just open the app, and pick the tasks you want to do. 📱

💸Get paid in 3-7 business days!💸

Once the assignment is done and confirmed, payouts to you scheduled automatically.

The payout will be sent straight to your bank account. It might take 3-7 days, sometimes quicker or longer, it all depends on your bank.

After you’ve done a few tasks, you’ll get a rating and a history, so everyone knows you’re a true Mooover. 🌟 Good profile photo and good rating have a better chance to get the assignments.


Assignments in the app

You get to choose your own assignments.

For each assignment, you’ll see a photo of the item, the price, distance, and time slot. You decide which assignment to take, and at what time. Plan your own schedule.

Customers post assignments and pay in the app. If the price is good, a bunch of MoveBuddies might wanna help out! So you need a good profile photo and a vehicle photo to be attractive and get selected for the assignment.

Transport door to door

Door-to-door transportation for anything from A to B. E.g. sofa transport, small moving, and furniture transportation.

Same-day Removal

Same-day removal of bulky waste with eco-friendly disposal and recycling. E.g. emptying the garden, simple cleaning, and disposal of bulky waste.

Give away things

Share the Love, and Save the Planet. Getting things for free, anything from furniture, toys, clothes, books, and building materials.

Rule #1: Customers are your friends

At Mooova, we value both you and our customers.

When someone posts a task, they trust that everything will go smoothly without delays or no-shows.

Treat customers like friends, because they’re the ones who support you. When you provide excellent service, more people will want to work with you.

Remember these simple tips for a positive experience:

  1. Choose tasks you’re eager to do and can complete within the given time frame.

  2. Punctuality is key! Everyone appreciates timeliness.

  3. Snap a photo of the item at pick-up and drop-off. If asked, assist with carrying items into the room.

  4. Be respectful and avoid abusing the platform. We may need to remove users who don’t contribute to our friendly, supportive community.

Let’s work together to create a happy and welcoming environment for everyone on Mooova!

Rule #2: We take care of each other, in our Buddy Community

Embracing Social Responsibility in Our Buddy Community:

At Mooova, we prioritize flexibility and freedom for our users. There are no requirements for the number of assignments or specific availability for those on the supply side of our platform.

Mooova is an open marketplace, meaning users are not restricted to our platform alone.

We do not provide equipment, vehicles, or other assets needed for assignments. However, as a token of appreciation or during promotions, we happily offer free caps, cups, or small gadgets to our community members.


Invite your friends

Invite other drivers or riders, who are service minded, once they are onboard as MoveBuddy and start taking orders, you will receive 10 € per driver. There is a card in the profile tab, tab "Share" to send the link or share your QR code. Money reward automatically.

Brand your car +5%

Contact us to brand your car, we will put up some advertising poster on your car, and then your personal take rate will be +5%.

Marketing Package

You get free caps and other materials from us, to protect your safety, keep you warm, and keep you happy. 🙂 Sometimes we distribute things at our office.

Business mooover

If you are a company, please upgrade to Business account with your VAT number and also special permits, so you can take assignments from company users with higher values.

Video Tutorials

Some video tutorials might coming in the future.

Live Support


Come on, join Mooova and start taking assignments