Get Mooova EN – You just take a photo, we get it for you.

Faster and cheaper transport or recycling

Mooova is like a platform for transportation, anything big and small. Take a picture and upload it to the app, set your own price. 24*7 service⚡

You put the price in the app without having to wait for an offer or price war with anyone. 👋

Furniture taxi app - moving / transport / recycling / bulky waste, from SEK 95.

You take photos, we pick up! 👍👍👍

Say goodbye to traffic, parking, and rental.


How does it work?

No car? No time? Or no extra hands? No need to ask help from your friends again. 🖥 🛏 🪑 🎈 🎁 📦

Get your used item from the seller at Blocket, Tradera or Facebook within an hour, from 95 kr.

You set the price in the app without having to wait for a quote. 👋

1. 📸 Take a photo, fill in the address, set your own price!

2. 👌 After 2 minutes, select a mooover. That's it!

Enjoy your life with less hassle and more time for your loved ones, even evenings and weekends.


100% money-back guarantee. Use the app now and get started today! To save some time and money.

What do others say?

"The best service and app, especially if you live in the city."

"Love that it is easy and cheap to find what you are looking for and if you need help with transport, there is Mooova!"

"Perfect for getting second-hand items from Blocket."

"So simple, so obvious that it should work like this!"

"My things were picked up the same day a couple of hours later. So convenient!"

"Worked super every time. Great!"

"Works great and can be highly recommended!"

"Fast efficient, perfect for getting home some big items."

"Good filters and excellent delivery services, smooth and easy - simple!"

"Use it very often and recommend it to everyone I know!"


Giveaway and recycling!

Do not throw away your old furniture! Give them a new home instead and many will be happy. Not least the environment.

If in the end, no one wants it, we help with your bulky waste and get it to the recycling centers. 👍


We help you save time transporting your belongings so you can enjoy the time with something or someone you love. 😊

Sit back and relax!

Avoid the back shot - We do the heavy lifting. Mooova carries and moves your stuff.

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