Brand Ambassadors Program – Mooova – Du fotar, vi hämtar.

Brand Ambassadors Program

Use your creativities to drive app registrations, generate content & brand awareness at scale with 100% freedom.

Your Brand Community

Join the ambassador marketing community, we share best practice with each other. We together, activate app users, boost social media, drive app registrations and do marketing activities for Mooov.

We create the Buzz together

Complete marketing missions and create buzz online and offline. Dynamic and automatic reward system based on REAL app registrations.

Field marketing

We do field marketing activity in parks and other locations. Mostly during the weekends, sometimes weekdays. You can do it alone or in pairs, the time is flexible too, you decide when you want to do it, normally when there is sunshine and people in the park, you will get good results. The task is handing out freebies and exchange for app registrations. We supply you with the needed marketing materials, freebies and toys, you use your creativity to get the most out of it. We focus on results, willing to pay according to the registrations that you get. (When people scan your QR code, then you get the registrations.)

Social media marketing

You as Brand ambassador showcase Mooov in a positive light and try to influence how people close to you perceive it. Typically, you serve as an extension of your brand and share the same values, ethics, and demeanor as your brand. Once you registered the Mooov app, you will have your own QR code and link in your profile page. Share it to your friends, parents, colleagues, neighbours. We will be able to see how many registrations were coming from you, and we pay for the registrations accordingly.

Identifying the customers who love what we do - and engaging them.

Work Culture

We work hard and we play hard. Our culture is one of a family of people who care deeply about one another and our collective mission to change the world of Ambassador marketing. Connect with us to be the first to hear about new roles as they become available.


We will fine tune this brand ambassador program from time to time, currently starting with 10 SEK per app registrations. If you can get 20 registrations per hour, that means 200 SEK per hour, pretty easy, right? Later on, we will re-evaluate the quality of those registrations, we might higher or lower it. Our target groups is people living in the urban area, aged around 20-45 years that has no car, no time, or no extra hands. For example young family, or people live alone, or elder people that need a buy-for-me service during the pandemic.

What is Mooov

How would you transport a sofa today? For example Anna, around 25 years old, normally, she has 2 alternatives, either go to a gas station to rent a van, or call different moving companies to find a time slot. What else? According to Blocket, Tradera and Facebook marketplace, we have more than 63,000 heavy or oversized items that need transportation, every single day,

Our solution

Now we have Mooov. Anna, that has no car, no time, or no extra hands, can easily get anything transported. What she needs to do, is just take a photo, enter the address, post an order. After 20 seconds, she can select a mover. That's it! Mooov is like an app-taxi for things and heavy items. Our Mooover will take a photo during pickup, carry all the way into her place, and take another photo during drop off, full transparency in real time. People are also using the Buy-for-me feature from IKEA and Bauhaus.

Our vision is to be the top-of-mind solution when transporting things,
as easy as snapping a photo, in major European cities.